WFU Physics Colloquium Schedule — Spring 2021

Previous and future colloquia

All colloquia will be held at 4 PM online (unless noted otherwise).

Thurs. Jan. 28, 2021 — Professor George C. Schatz, Northwestern University  — “Plasmonic Lattices” (host: J. Macosko)

Thurs. Feb. 04, 2021 — Professor Lalit Deshmukh, University of California, San Diego –“ALIX in Wonderland: Multivalency, Phosphorylation-mediated Amyloids, Autoinhibition, and Endosomal Membrane Interactions” (host: S. Cho)

Thurs. Feb. 11, 2021 — Professor Carolyn Bertozzi, Stanford University — “Therapeutic Opportunities in Glycoscience” (host: J. Macosko)

Thurs. Feb. 18, 2021Professor Eric R. Scerri, UCLA — “A Tale of Seven Scientists and a New Philosophy of Science” — (host: J. Macosko)

Thurs. Feb. 25, 2021 — Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell, University of Oxford — “Pulsars – Their Discovery and Impact” (host: J. Macosko)

Thurs. Mar. 04, 2021 — Professor Burkhard Rost, Technical University of Munich — “Artificial Intelligence Captures Language of Life Written in Proteins”  (host: J. Macosko)

Thurs. Mar. 11, 2021 — Professor Harry B. Gray, Caltech (host: J. Macosko)

Thurs. Mar. 18, 2021 — Professor Frank von Hippel,  Princeton University — “Hair triggers, instabilities, and how physicists, acting as citizen-scientists, can help reduce the risks of a new nuclear arms race and nuclear war” (hosts: J. Macosko and D. Kim-Shapiro)

Thurs. Mar. 25, 2021 — Dr. Samindranath Mitra, Editor, Physical Review Letters — “You Have Your Physics Results. Now What?” (host: N. Holzwarth)

Thurs. Apr. 01, 2021 — Dr. Gail H. Marcus, Independent Consultant on Nuclear Power Technology and Policy based in Washington DC — “From Fukushima to the Future: Lessons Learned and New Developments”  (Part of Special Event:   “Remembering the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster”  in coordination with the Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures and Engineering; physics host: D. Kim-Shapiro)

Thurs. Apr. 08, 2021 — Dr. Michael J. Marcus, Marcus Spectrum Solutions LLC — “Can next-generation 6G mobile communications above 100 GHz find a way to coexist with passive satellites used for weather and environmental sensing”   (Joint colloquium with Engineering; physics host: D. Kim-Shapiro)

Thurs. Apr. 15, 2021 — Dr. Vincent Noireaux, Physics and Nanotechnology (PAN), University of Minnesota (host: J. Macosko)

Thurs. Apr. 22, 2021 — Dr. Jimmy Chen, Google AI Quantum, Mountain View, CA, (host: Oana Jurchescu)

WEDNESDAY Apr. 28, 2021 — Dr. Miles Silman, Department of Biology, Wake Forest University (host: Dept. of Chemistry–note, live lecture will be on April 28 and rebroadcast on Thursday, April 29 for students enrolled in PHY301/601 who are not able to attend Wednesday).

Thurs. May 6, 2021 — Awards and Senior Research!

Tentative schedule — please check announcements and abstracts of seminars.